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We are a band from Gdynia, and we are playing an original genre of music which we proudly call White Rock.
We have been on the stage for 6 years, having played almost hundred of shows and having released two longplay albums.
Our music was acknowledged with numerous prizes and awards, including:

  • Titles of First Place Laureate on FAMA Festival in 2012 & 2014
  • Award of President of Gdansk On FAMA Festival 2014
  • Grant from Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship for culture creators
  • Nominaton for Artistic Award of President of Gdynia “Galion Gdyński” for year 2014
  • Robert “RoRo” Roszak Prize for Best Progressive Work of 2014
  • Invitation to taking part of live radio concert on Radio Gdansk for 30th anniversary of release of the debut album from Republika – Nowe Sytuacje
  • Album of the Week of Polish Radio Gdansk S.A.
  • Numerous airings on Polish Radio Channel 3, including on shows by Piotr Kaczkowski
  • Almost a hundred of positive review and media coverages from all around the world
  • And many more…

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We are very serious and professional about our musicianship.

Apart from music, we have a vision of live show including lights and special effects. Thanks to this our concerts are a spectacle not only for ears, but also for eyes.

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What we are playing is honest and true. Because of this, our music is universal and can be appreciated by listeners of all genres.

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