State Urge is a band hailing from Gdynia, consisting of four musicians whose shared passion for creating unique music that is hard to classify. They’re performing white rock – an original genre. On one side it has roots deep in a classic rock sound, on the other hand it’s unpretentious, fresh and most importantly emotionally honest.

In 2011 they self-released their demo – “Underground Heart” EP. Enthusiastic opinions about the release allowed the band to be aired on Polish Radio Channel 3 thanks to kindness and by personal choice of redactor Piotr Kaczkowski. Interesting fact is, that the album consisted of almost only instrumental improvisations, with vocals and additional effects added later on.

In 2012 the band released another EP, “What Comes Next?“. The main point of this release was to find out the answer to the question stated in it’s title. What comes next? The group was pleasantly surprised with positive reviews, they served as motivation and driving force to dedicating even more work to creating music. During that time the band successfully attended many festivals and competitions (winning the FAMA festival in Tricity region and getting honours in several regional competitions) and were aired on popular Polish radio stations (Radio Gdańsk, Radio PiK, Radio Alfa, Radio MORS, Radio SAR, Radio MEGATON and others). They also shared the stage during their concerts with known bands such as Cochise, Dianoya, Votum and others.

The turn of the year 2012 emerged as the sought after answer. In co-operation with Lynx Music, a publisher from Krakow, the group began their work on the long awaited debut album. They recorded new material, but decided also to incorporate in the album some of the older work. The urge to create something unique, a new quality on the music market led them to conceiving the concept of “White Rock Experience”. The album was released in March 2013, meeting immediately great reviews from listeners and critics. Worthy of note is fact that the album introduced the band to wider audiences from foreign countries. Stage premiere of the album was held on April 13th of the same year, in a place so well fitting the occasion – on boards of Atelier Theatre in Sopot. Atmosphere of the place, enhanced by original 3D visualisations shown during the performance left a lasting impression in the attendants of the sold out concert. The band went on a tour around the country, playing in many Polish cities, reaching to almost 100 live shows. The debut album was also awarded the prestigious Robert “Ro-Ro” Roszak Award for Best Polish Progressive Album of 2013.

On March 2nd of 2014 State Urge returned with next release of Before The Dawn single, with it’s premiere and tied-in live concert held on the radio waves of Polish Radio Gdańsk. Included on the CD was a live recording of a cover of legendary Polish band Republika, Halucynacje.

The single, refreshing effect of works of the band during the summer of 2013, was only a foretaste of things to come. One-and-a-half year after releasing their debut, in October 2014, the band once again entered the studio to record material for their second longplay album. Once again it was to be released by Lynx Music from Krakow, and it was created with financial help of Marshal of Pomeranian Region. The digital album was released on December 19th. To promote this release, on November 30th of 2014 the band played live on air of Polish Radio Gdańsk, where the music from “Confrontation” was played for the first time live. Label release was sheduled for January 5th of 2015, and from that day the album started to receive overwhelmingly good opinions from all around the world, being played in many radio stations in Poland and outside of it, most importantly getting several airings on Polish Radio Channel 3, with more to come.

It’s worthy of note, that the band pays special attention to their concerts. Fields of interest connected to stage techniques, visual projections and theatre resulted in building an interesting show, which engulfs the viewer into an oneiric land of sound, views and lights.

State Urge is:

Marcin Bocheński (drums),

Marcin Cieślik (guitars and vocals),

Krystian Papiernik (bass guitar),

Michał Tarkowski (keyboards and synthesizers)

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