“Confrontation” - the second longplay from State Urge – is a concept album about difficulties of making important life decisions. It’s a story of a man, who is in conflict with himself, trying to solve inner dilemmas, which leads to an open confrontation with his surroundings, as well as with his personality.

Will he find balance between expectations and reality or will he give into temptation of running away from responsibility? After all, from every battle, even those lost, one can rise even stronger.

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released 19 December 2014


All songs written and produced by:
State Urge
Marcin Bocheński (drums),
Marcin Cieślik (lead vocal / guitars / backing vocals),
Krystian Papiernik (bass guitars),
Michał Tarkowski (keyboards / synthesizers)
Lyrics by: Marcin Cieślik & Krystian Papiernik
Recored at Velur Studio, Gdańsk – Poland
Sound engineers: Łukasz Sieradzki & Marcin Makowiec
All songs mixed by: Łukasz Sieradzki
Mastered by: Jack Braglia, Vital Mastering Studio, New York City – USA
Cover and booklet photos by:
Adrian Chudek www.adrianchudek.com
Booklet graphic design: Adrian Chudek & Marcin Cieślik