About the video:

Thinking about the video, not only we wanted for it to be consistent with the song, but also we tried to show through it the atmosphere of our concerts. We possessed interesting shots from our show at Sfinks 700 in Sopot, so we decided to create our first picture on this basis. Montage and clip selection was done by Marcin CieĊ›lik, authors of the movie shots were people from www.themontaz.com. Some elements seen in the video, like analogue noise and “flying fragments”, at the end create a whole picture and are a reference to our newest EP which is to be released in 2012.

About Illusion:

The starting point of the song is the synthesizers motif, which can be heard throughout the whole song. From the beginning we felt that this composition has a specific mysterious atmosphere, mainly thanks to the vocal part, which surprisingly shows up at the final part of the song. The process of creating the song was mainly based on improvisations – they are the main force behind our works.

About single:

With the video we also released a CD with the song, where bonus materials like wallpapers were also included. Because of very limited number of pressings, “Illusion SP” will be delivered only to people like winners of our competitions or attendants to selected shows.