We are presenting to you our self-released demo CD. You can find here 4 tracks consisting of our original material. Most of it you already know from our live shows, but now you can hear it as a whole. The title track, Underground Heart, should be a new one for most of you, though!

Four tracks:

  • Preface,
  • Heave a sigh,
  • improvised Mr. Inkblot’s Journeys,
  • Underground Heart,

Some reviews and opinions (only in Polish, unfortunately) down below:

We are grateful for all of them and would like to hear more :)

Here is a short promo clip. The first copy of this EP:

We burn and print the CDs on our own, so their number and availability will depend solely on you :)

At the moment the CD is unavailable. It may be sold again in 2015

You may say that it gains it collector’s value :)


There are people who deserve special credits from us.

Big thanks goes to Maciek, who created every one of graphics seen on the disc.
Many thanks go to Maciej Nejman, who was our sound engineer in the studio.
Also thanks to Maciej Skwara for photos used for promotion :)
It seems that we have a particular luck with Macieks :D 
Thanks for your kind words of support and all words of critique!