“What comes next?” is an EP containing three compositions, which are a fragment of the year’s worth of work of the band State Urge.

  1. Time Rush
  2. Illusion
  3. All I Need

Each one of us could write about every one of these tracks for ages. We will leave rating and interpretation solely for the listener.

Album was recorded at Sound Great Promotion studio in Gdynia during March and April of 2012.
Jan Galbas took the role of our sound engineer.
Mix and mastering was done by Kuba Mańkowski (tracks 2,3) and Adam Kaufhold (1).
We’re sending many thanks for great cooperation!

Music and lyrics: State Urge

Why such title? 

The answer is simple. “What comes next?” is a rethorical question stated by us to emphasize how important and transitional is this album. We cannot hide that we have big hope in the future of our group (we are, after all, “young, ambitious guys” ;) ) and we are aware that each next album should be better than the last one. Despite that, we try to look calmly at everything and believe that our next release, that we will surprise you with, will be a full-fledged longplay album, which will be created on a basis made out of this and previous EPs.

Why so short?

The answer is once again simple and should be clear to everyone who is aware how financially the so-called “young bands” are working :) EP was created solely with our private funds. As it is widely known, to produce and release a CD you have to invest money, which doesn’t grow on trees or concert stages (unfortunately). So, if you like our works and would like to hear and see more of us – buy our CD, help to promote our music, help us find a sponsor. We promise not to fail your trust in us.

Here are some opinions and reviews (in Polish, unfortunately):

We are grateful for all of them and would love to hear more :)

How can I get the CD? 
Right now, you cannot.

Tracks from the “What comes next?” EP are included in whole on our debut album “White Rock Experience” (released by Lynx Music) – you can buy thas release. More info HERE

It seems, that “What comes next?” will be gaining a collector’s value, because right now we are not planning to bring it back.