“White Rock Experience”. Three simple words. Each one separately, as well as all together describe our artistic identity. White colour is always present in our scenic creation. Music that we play is most surely “rock”. Experience is the key-word defining our deep need of almost tangible contact between music and listener.

“White Rock Experience” is a manifesto of some sorts, a protest against depressing departure from ideals of music, that can be beautiful and moving. It’s a yearning for true, unrestricted rocking out. It’s also faith and hope, that we can lay a small brick in building the reincarnation of real global passion to music. Fifty minutes of music, that we ambitiously described as “white rock”.

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released 16 March 2013


All songs written and produced by:
State Urge
Marcin Bocheński – drums
Marcin Cieślik – guitars & vocals
Krystian Papiernik – bass guitar
Michał Tarkowski – piano, synthsizers, hammond organ
Recorded at:
Lynx Music Studio Kraków, Nov 2013 (tracks 1/2/4/6/7)
Sound Great Promotion Studio Gdynia, Mar 2012 (3/5/8)
Mixed by:
Łukasz Sieradzki at Velur Studios Gdańsk, Feb 2013 (1/2/4/6/7)
Jakub Mańkowski, Mar 2012 (5/8)
Adam Kaufhold, Aug 2012 (3)
Photography: Maciej Skwara, mskwara.blogspot.com
Cover design: Maciej Żelaznowski
Photo-model: Sara Świda

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